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Quantum Magnetic Body Scan

This technology is used mostly in Asia and is slowly being introduced into western health practitioner's scope of practice. This noninvasive full body health check uses your weight, age and height to gauge what range you should be in and what your numerical measurement actually is by using safe and non-harmful magnetic sound waves through your body. This gives the participant an idea of your toxicity levels in heavy metals, your vitamin levels and your cholesterol crystal levels, just to provide a few examples.

Women and Children

Women are near and dear to our hearts because in today's modern society women have a lot more health implications because of the demands of life. This affects both single and married/partnered women. The pressures for single women are to succeed whether they are focusing on school, building a business, climbing the career ladder or finding love. Married women, especially those with families, which can consist of children or aging parents tend to put everyone else first and themselves last. This dangerous normality for women with families is a an unfortunate reality and most of the times women have several health issues wrong with them but ignore it and do not get medical attention in a timely manner and then find out in later stages of health issues that could have been combated with simple lifestyle changes and preventive measures. There are many hormonal induced issues women are living with such as uterine fibroids, fatigue, insomnia, skin and hair issues, infertility just to name a few.

Families are the backbone of today's society consisting of more than just the conventional way of looking at family with a mother, father, children and perhaps a pet. In the new modern family they consist of blended families with step parents and children, siblings and ex partners. Also in a society where the baby boomers are getting older and need more care, we find ourselves stretched to the limit to extend care and attention to them as well juggling a full work schedule, our partners' needs and our kids. NutriNai acknowledges this reality that’s becoming more of our lifestyle, and work with families to strive for balance and best nutritional and lifestyle practices. Virus avoidance and hormonal balances is our main focus with families.

Weight loss

Weight loss for many of us is a major concern and obstacle in life. The stark reality is that the North American diet consisting of chemicalized hybrid food which sends our bodies into flight or fight, hence the on slot un-proportioned weight gain. A skilled and knowledgeable NutriNai consultant will walk through a detailed plan of detoxification and nutritional adjustments to bring your body to the homeostasis state of wellness for a permanent weight loss solution.


Married couples trying to conceive is a very touchy topic but a serious reality hitting our society hard. The first idea that comes to most couples mind is IVF treatments, but NutriNai consultants brings you back to the focus of more natural and non-invasive ways to deal with this issue. When working with couples we take a detailed health history of past and present MD diagnosis of participants. We focus on vitamin and trace elements they may be missing for the couples diet that causes unbalance to prevent the miracle of life from forming between them. Our consultants work out a detailed easy to follow plan of detoxing, important supplementation and radical but affective nutritional changes for the better.

Services Offered:

One on one Nutritional consultation on whole health, wellness and life style management changes for you the individual and the rest of your family. These consults are personal and confidential, non-invasive and very safe. They identify both sub clinical and clinically diagnosed by an MD issues that a participant is suffering with through the practice of symptomatology and the effective use of state of the art magnetic health check safe and affective technology.

Home wellness workshops and parties, where the host gets their services complimentary when meeting the minimum attendance requirements. In this positive and energetic atmosphere there would be a two topic seminar along with a quantum magnetic body scan heath check and very relaxing ionic foot 30 minute detox cleanse for each participant. We want to use this avenue to promote information and positive practices on disease prevention and virus avoidance within our families.

Business to business workshops include a formal presentation on who we are as a company and our desire to spread good practices in the family and how it affects the work place positively in attendance improvement and over all great morale in the work space. Moreover we want to use this avenue to promote information and positive practices of disease prevention and virus avoidance. There is a special concentration in the sales and insurance industry

Ionic foot Detox is amazing use of reflexology technology that removes harmful toxins and cellular wastes. Through the process of osmosis, oppositely charged particles like toxins are neutralized and eliminated from the body. The neutralized toxins are removed through the 2,000 sweat glands of the feet and are released into the water. This aids in weight loss, as the body rids itself of chemical wastes like fatty acids and subcutaneous fat that slow down metabolism and inhibit proper digestion.

This is also a very affect way of naturally eliminating heavy metals such mercury, lead, arsenic which is a list of a few examples of heavy metals that cannot metabolized but instead accumulate in the soft tissues of the body. This procedure is also very children friendly, and safe for pregnant woman.

Cost of services

One to one consultation in person, by phone or skype:
1st 30 minutes is free and $1 per every minute after.
60 minutes minimum per individual appointment
120 minutes maximum per individual appointment

*please note, first visit or in person is a home visit*

Meal Plans: Alkaline, Diabetic, Weight Loss, Kidney Disease, Cancer, High Blood Pressure

Wellness and detoxing group/home parties: Host a party of 4: $60 per participant (includes body scan for each participant)

Sports Nutrition Seminars: Minimum 10 and maximum 25 participants. These sessions draw in a lot of questioning and round table discussion.
Cost: $25 for each participant, which includes an invoice. This fee includes a small power point presentation about our company focus and vision. NutriNai will present details on sports nutrition, and how to enhance your sports performance.

Quantum Magnetic Body and detailed Health check: $110 for a 35 page detailed report from the 3 minute Quantum Magnetic body health check.

Relaxing Ionic Foot Detox Sessions:
$40 each individual session
$60 wellness party (group of 4 and includes body scan)
$70 couples session ($10 savings, priceless, bonding time)
$110 Regular price (includes consult and 34 page report)
$100 package of 3 detox individual sessions ($20 savings, second most popular)
$150 package of 5 detox individual sessions ($50 savings, most popular)
$325 package of 5 detox couples sessions ($75 savings)

Medical Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed medical doctor. NutriNai for life Nutritional Consulting services does not diagnose any disease. If you have or suspect a mental or physical health condition, please see your healthcare provider.